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May – Suit Service

Brief context :

This project happened because we found a hidden gem suit maker in a community nearby our office. We think that this is a good chance to start encourage consumer to repair clothes, instead of buy the new one. So we connect suit maker with consumer via this project, offer a repair service for suit with affordable price.

Objectives :

To motivate consumer to repair clothes, instead of buy new one
  • We act as a consumer contact point to connect consumer who want to repair suit with suit maker.
  • We communicate and spread this service through our channel to consumer.
  • Suit maker didn’t have a proper space to service customers. So we decide to utilize our office space (The yard at Ari) as a shop where suit maker meet with customers.
  • Fewer customers than expectation which lead to lower income than expectation for suit maker.
  • Suit maker get the permanent job after lock-down. The appointment with customers and suit repair lead time cannot meet the alignment. So we stop the service.
  • The actual number of customer is lower than our expectation.
  • Develop the business model that can generate more income for suit maker. For example, connect suit maker with local traditional textile producer and launch new product (suit by traditional textile) with repair service. So suit maker can depend on this income, no need to get another job.

Our team

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Team Lead

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